What Paper To Use To Print At Home?

While I would love to provide you with a specific recommendation, there are many factors that can impact the quality of your printed materials, such as the type of printer you are using, the type of ink, the design colors, your budget and the purpose of your materials.


It truly is a combination of a good quality printer and good quality paper. However, below you will find a few links to some of the paper my costumers have used and have had good experience with.


Please be mindful that not every printer will be compatible with every paper and it might take a few trial and error to find the paper that you'll be happy with.


Try to work with weatherproof/waterproof label for better resistance against water, steam and oil.



Check that your paper is compatible with your printer.

Laser Printer = Laser Printing Paper

Ink Printer = Ink Printer Paper



Make sure you get the label paper with the finishing you like. There is gloss, matte, Satin,
Clear, Film, etc....



Here are a few suggestions for printing paper, but please note that I cannot be held responsible for any outcomes or experiences you may have with these options:




It's important to do your own research and due diligence before outsourcing your printing needs to any of these options. Make sure to read reviews, check their portfolio, and ask for samples before making a decision.

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