How To Use Our Mockup Images




First Steps

  1. Download the files.

  2. Double click on the zip file to open & export PSD file.

  3. Remove first layer in the PSD document called “ Delete this layer”.


    How To Use Mock-up

    1. The grid image are your mockup area.

    2. Your layer panel will look something like this.

    3. Your Smart Layer will be coloured purple.

    4. Double click on the smart layer icon.

    5. A new tab window will show up.

    6. Add your art to the new document.

    7. You can add the texture to your design. Make sure this layer is
      on top.

    8. Save and close the new tab.

    9. Your design is now reflected on the base document



    • License: This pertains to a Commercial License intended for presentation purposes. For editorial applications, kindly refer to the product description or reach out to us via email at If you operate as a large business entity, please note that the acquisition of an extended license is necessary.

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